brand story

Chocolates mean love to the world that loves sweetness and deliciousness. Being a heart-filled chocoholic, the founder decided to venture into the world of chocolates as a lifetime business journey. He formed DAREO in 2013, simply to serve the world with chocolates that come with priceless taste which are consumable by anyone, regardless of their health conditions. Being a true Malaysian, the founder is determined to show that Malaysians are capable enough to produce world-class products too. Malaysia Boleh!

The obvious vision is to show the world that Malaysia can produce world-class quality products. The founders invested highly in research and quality ingredients with inspiration to reach the global market. DAREO stepped up and formed more varieties of chocolates that stunned the world, more importantly, that made everyone easily to take a bite regardless of their age as it brings them back to their unforgettable golden memories.

The tagline “ Taste of Real Health in A Bite” expresses the real chocolates which considered to be healthy which eventually impressed various personalities thereafter. DAREO expanded and grew bigger in the hearts of many in Malaysia. DAREO become an inspiring brand that advocates real chocolates and the journey continues after being certified by HALAL and being recognized by many other institutions such as GMP, HACCP, KKM, ISO, and many more.

This is just the beginning of an era of premium chocolates are made just for everyone and every time!

Taste of real health in a bite